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Foyer Gallery - Schedule for 2015

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I'm a member of the Foyer Gallery which is a group of 26 artists (9 of us are photographers). Exhibitions at the gallery roll over every three weeks with three types of shows. Most are Group Shows where each member has 2 to 4 pieces of work depending on size. Focus Shows have three or four of the members participating and each artist has 1/3 to 1/4 of the gallery space. Each year we have one or two Solo Shows during which the gallery is dedicated to the work of just one member. I expect to be contributing to all of the Group Shows and one of the Focus Shows titled "As Is" in October.

The Foyer Gallery in the Nepean Sportsplex, Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.

Here is the schedule of shows for 2015:

  • Art Beat* - Jan. 6th - Jan. 25th. - Group Show.
  • Colour Mix - Jan 27th - Feb 15th. - Focus Show with Dhanashri Bapat, Jessica Fleury, Beata Jakubek.
  • Passion for Colour* - Feb.17th - Mar. 8th.  - Group Show.
  • Our Way - Mar 10th - Mar 29th - Focus Show with Sharon Collins, Terry Cowan, Ginny Fobert, Michael Parkin.
  • Collectively Different* - Mar.31st - Apr. 19th.  - Group Show.
  • Configurations - April 21st - May 10th - Focus Show with Elisabeth Arbuckle, Margaret Chwialkowska, Christiane Kingsley, Luminita Serbanescu.
  • The Texture of Life* - May 12th - May 31st.  - Group Show.
  • Caught in Transition - June 2nd - June 21st. - Solo Show with Mario Cerroni.
  • Urban Colours* - Jun. 23rd - Jul. 12th. - Group Show.
  • To Be Announced - Jul 14th - Aug 2nd. - Invitational Artist(s)
  • From The Valley* - Aug.18th - Sept. 6th. - Group Show.
  • From the Camera* (photography only) - Sept. 8th – Sept. 27th. - Group Show.
  • As Is* - Sept. 29th - Oct.18th. - Focus Show with Erika Farkas, Rob Huntley, Yves Jardon, Jo-Ann Zorzi.
  • The Shape Of Art* - Oct. 20th - Nov. 8th. - Group Show.
  • Bodies in Motion - Nov 10th - Nov 29th. - Solo Show with Roy Whiddon.
  • A Little Art* (small works) - Dec. 1st - Jan. 3rd. - Group Show.

*Shows in which I will be participating

The Artists of the Gallery include:

  • Elisabeth Arbuckle - Acrylic and mixed media
  • Robert Arnold - Acrylic, digital mixed media, photomontage
  • Dhanashri Bapat - Watercolour and acrylic
  • Mario Cerroni - Fine Art Photography
  • Margaret Chwialkowska - Oil
  • Sharon Collins - Textile & Mixed Media
  • Terry Cowan - Acrylic
  • Eiko Emori - Glass
  • Erika Farkas - Graphite, Charcoal, Coloured Pencils
  • Jessica Fleury - Acrylic
  • Ginny Fobert - Photography
  • Ahmad Humayun - Oil
  • Rob Huntley - Photography
  • Beata Jakubek - Acrylic
  • Yves Jardon - Photography
  • Christiane Kingsley - Watercolour, mixed media
  • Gary Madore - Photography
  • Jessie Parker - Photobased digital painting
  • Michael Parkin - Acrylic and mixed media
  • Raymond Piesina - Acrylic
  • Luminita Serbanescu - Acrylic
  • Mok Tse
  • Roy Whiddon - Photography
  • Donna Danuta Wiegand - Oil
  • Bill Woodley - Fine art photography
  • Jo-Ann Zorzi - Silk Fiber Drawing, fusion

Check the Foyer Gallery website for full details of hours and location.

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