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High Dynamic Range Images (HDR) - My First Attempts

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After a few months of thinking about it and chatting to some friends having experience, I've made my first attempts at HDR and I'm extremely satisfied. Expecting that I would one day give it a try, I had made the appropriate exposures required to do this process on several previous photo sessions. I have now run the process to create three images after downloading the software from Photomatix. I'm sure there is an educated way to use the software but the desire to see results overpowered my will to read the manual, as brief as it is. So from ignorant slider twiddling I managed to come up with these:

The first is of the Notre Dame Basilica on Sussex Drive in Ottawa:

Notre Dame Basilica, Sussex Drive, Ottawa

The second is from my recent holiday to Mexico. This is the sunrise view from the dining room at Agua Azul la Villa, the B&B we stayed at in Huatulco, Mexico. Although we were on the Pacific Coast, the coastline faces south in southern Mexico, and this location actually has an eastward facing outlook:

Pacific sunrise in Huatulco, Mexico.

The third is in Ottawa again, taken the same night I took the first shot of the Notre Dame Basilica. This is the National Art Gallery which is also on Sussex Drive and directly across the road from the Basilica:

The National Art Gallery, Sussex Drive, Ottawa

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