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KAP 2008-13: Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. March 16, 2008.

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The goal of this outing was to take photographs the Parliament Buildings from midway across the river using Kite Aerial Photography (KAP), by launching the kite and camera equipment from the shoreline in front of the Museum of Civilization in Hull (Gatineau), Québec. The wind was unexpectedly blowing parallel to the shore instead of at right angles and consequently the views are not as "near" as anticipated. However it did provide an opportunity to photograph the Museum itself from a close angle. KAP colleague Matt Young was also KAPing at the same time. Here are a few of the images from this outing with a view from the Québec side of the Ottawa River from above the grounds of the Museum of Civilization. Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Parliament Hill, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Museum of Civilization, Hull (Gatineau), Québec.

Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Hull/Gatineau Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Hull/Gatineau

Alexandra Bridge over the Ottawa River between Ontario and Québec.

Alexandra Bridge between Ottawa, Ontario and Hull/Gatineau, Quebec

Walking the dogs. Overhead picture of the grounds of the Museum of Civilization, Hull (Gatineau), Québec.

Walking the dogs. Overhead picture of the grounds of the Museum of Civilization, Hull (Gatineau), Québec.

You can see additional pictures from my KAP 2008-13 outing in the Kite Aerial Photography Gallery on my website.

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  • LeeAnn on

    Awesome shots – I especially like the one overlooking the lock and old city hall. I grew up in Ottawa, seeing my old stomping grounds is great :)

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  • Dayan on

    Nice shots, I remember driving over the Alexandra bridge to go hang out in Quebec…. I love that city. For some reason I tend to visit it during the last month of the yr. Its awesome

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