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KAP 2008-15: Deschênes Rapids on the Ottawa River near Aylmer Québec, Canada. March 23, 2008.

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The Deschênes Rapids are in the Ottawa River at the community of Deschênes near Aylmer, Québec. This is directly across the river from Britannia at the yacht club and the filtration plant near Mud Lake. There are some ruins in the rapids between the Quebec shoreline and the large island. These ruins are a popular photographic spot as well as a place for whitewater kayaking (beside the ruins, not through them since there are apparently dangerous hazards including metal rebar). This KAP outing (kite aerial photography) took place from the shoreline near the ruins on the Quebec side of the river. These are the ruins in the Deschenes Rapids near Aylmer, Quebec. This is a downstream view to the east of the Ottawa River, with some of suburban Ottawa in the background on the Ontario side of the river:

The ruins at Deschenes Rapids in the Ottawa River,

These are the Deschenes Rapids, divided by a large island and extending across to the Ontario side at Britannia Yacht Club:

Deschenes Rapids in the Ottawa River.

Rugged shoreline in winter at Deschenes Rapids near Aylmer, Quebec. This is the Ottawa River, near Ottawa, Ontario. Self-portrait plus a piece of the kite line:

Rugged shoreline of the Ottawa River at Deschenes Rapids.

This is a view of the Ottawa River looking westwards (upstream) from high overhead the Deschenes Rapids:

Ottawa River looking westward (upstream) from the Deschenes Rapids.

You can see additional pictures from my KAP 2008-15 outing in the Kite Aerial Photography Gallery on my website.

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  • Rob Huntley on

    Sorry Diane, I don’t have that information. Although I live in Ottawa, I don’t have historical knowledge of the Deschenes area.

  • Diane Mason on

    Would you have information on what was Baie Simard in like 1963. I used to live there and it was close to Deschenes. We went to school there as well. Thanks in advance.

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