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KAP 2013-1 Prince of Wales Bridge and the Ottawa/Gatineau Skyline in Winter

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Aerial photograph of the city skylines of Ottawa on the right and Gatineau on the left. The frozen Ottawa River passes between.

This Kite Aerial Photography session took place on the Ottawa River shoreline where the Prince of Wales Railway Bridge lands on the Quebec side in the city of Gatineau. Most of the images point towards the Ontario side as they are pictures of the bridge, Lemieux Island and the city of Ottawa skyline. Chaudiere falls is in the middle of the river in the foreground of the aerial skyline photographs of Ottawa/Gatineau. The Prince of Wales Bridge is not currently in use, and you can see that by the snow on the tracks where only people and dogs have traversed. The bridge is a part of the focus of ongoing discussions regarding rapid transit in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. It has been proposed to operate light rail commuter transit over the bridge. Actually, one is not supposed to trespass on the bridge as it can be dangerous and accessibility on the Ontario side is difficult due to construction. Despite this, the bridge is often used in model shoots by professional, and not so professional, photographers. Actually, in the picture below, I'm already beyond the sign but hardly in a dangerous location. Go here for more images from this session. 

Prince of Wales Railway Bridge meets the Quebec shoreline of the Ottawa river. That's me down there, the kite aerial photographer, with the kite line washed out in PhotoShop.


Prince of Wales Bridge runs from the Quebec side in Gatineau, where I am currently flying my kite, across Lemieux Island where there is a filtration plant, and then the bridge continues to the Ontario side in Ottawa.

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  • Rob Huntley on

    I do leave the kite line in a lot of my shots. Sometimes I show them both ways. I agree that it is a sort of signature and has a degree of coolness. However, most of the time I feel that the image may have more commercial value for licensing through stock agencies without the kite line present. To someone strictly wanting an aerial photograph of an aerial landscape, the kite line can be detracting.



    I like your snow aerial vieuws, bravo !

    You write “the kite line washed out in PhotoShop.” !

    Why you do that, the kite line on the picture is like a signature !

    Regards from Belgium

  • Rob Huntley on

    I have now put the kite-line-included version in a facebook gallery here in an Aerial Ottawa gallery:

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