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KAP 2013-13 - Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia - April 22, 2013

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Aerial view of the town of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia alongside the Waugh River.

Tatamagouche is a small town where the Waugh River and the French River empty into Tatamagouche Bay on the Northumberland Strait shore of Nova Scotia. For this session I was in a small rest area alongside highway 6 just to the east of town with a hillside cemetery with trees obstructing the view of the village from my location. I knew the town was there; it was just a question of having the camera pointing in the right direction and lifting it higher than tree level. One of the things that I've appreciated about Atlantic Canada in the spring is the colourful glow of new growth on the trees. In some parts the appearance is almost patchwork in nature with groupings of trees of the same species making colour blotches over the countryside. You can see this when driving on the Trans-Canada highway through parts of Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is not unique to this region, but it has made a big impression on me in the maritimes. Some of the images in this gallery give a mere hint of what I'm talking about. With it being a long winter I think I was about a week or two early for good colour. Also, I haven't quite figured out how to best capture this type of abstract view from a kite-lifted camera. Once you have spotted an interesting effect from afar, when you try to drive there you can no longer see the effect to know if you are in the right place because you are in among the trees. Also, most of the time the trees themselves make it difficult to find a place to fly a kite and most country roads have telephone lines on one side of the road which is another kiting hazard. I purposely try to chase aerial tree patterns later on this trip (KAP 2013-19 - to follow) and fail miserably. Anyway, no-one said this should be easy.

Aerial view of a road through the countryside near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.


Red asphalt on Highway 6 heading east from Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.


Aerial photograph of a barn in the countryside near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The Waugh River is in the background.

These photographs were taken using a remote-controlled camera suspended below a kite line (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP). Visit my website gallery Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia - KAP 2013-13 - April 22, 2013 to see more images from this session. Images from this session are available for licensing through Latitude Image, a stock photography agency specializing in aerial stock images. Click the website gallery link above for more information.

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