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KAP 2013-16 - Confederation Bridge, New Brunswick - April 22, 2013

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Confederation Bridge at sunset. Aerial photograph at the New Brunswick end of the Confederation Bridge.

The Confederation Bridge joins Prince Edward Island with New Brunswick. I had pondered the idea of doing kite aerial photography at sunset at the Confederation Bridge during this whole trip out east. I was heading in the right direction during my previous session (see KAP 2013-15) a few kilometers down the coast. However, having had such a poor time the with lack of wind, I arrived at the bridge expecting to just do some tripod shots while scoping the site out for a potential future KAP session. As the sun was quickly disappearing and I was standing over my tripod-mounted SLR it suddenly hit me ..... literally! WIND! What was I doing with my tripod when I had ideal conditions for KAPping the bridge. Time was of the essence as I ran back to the car, grabbed my FLED kite and camera rig and dashed back to the west side of the bridge. The angle of the wind was perfect to send the kite diagonally away from the bridge and over the water. Realizing that I had only 10 to 15 minutes of light I exercised poor judgement in assuming that the bright light reflecting from the bridge would require my normal daylight settings on the camera. In hindsight I should have taken a few extra seconds to check. I sent the camera quite high first and then brought it down for lower shots. With no video feedback (video downlink broken for this trip) I failed to realize that a) the exposure setting was too low and b) initially the high flying camera had spun itself around to the opposite direction. When I brought the camera down a bit to do some lower aspect shots I realized it was pointing the wrong way and corrected it. But by now I was underexposing my shots by more than two stops. The results, after trying to improve exposure in photoshop, are very grainy images of the bridge. The images of the sunset are not too bad, but those were not my objective. Only a couple of the bridge shots are good enough to illustrate what a beautiful subject I was dealing with. Live and learn! 

Confederation Bridge at sunset. Aerial photograph at the New Brunswick end of the Confederation Bridge.


Aerial photograph of the sunset from the vantage point of high above the Confederation Bridge. The New Brunswick end of the Confederation Bridge.

These photographs were taken using a remote-controlled camera suspended below a kite line (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP). Visit my website gallery Confederation Bridge, New Brunswick - KAP 2013-16 - April 22, 2013 to see more images from this session. Images from this session are available for licensing through Latitude Image, a stock photography agency specializing in aerial stock images. Click the website gallery link above for more information.

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