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KAP 2015-8 - Montreal River, Ontario

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Lake Superior at the mouth of the Montreal River.

This kite aerial photography (KAP) session took place about 3 days into my journey west which had been planned as a 30-day photographic trip to the west coast and return to Ottawa via the USA. However, a day or two after this I suffered intense back pain which I sustained while my friend, Ted Welch, drove the rest of the way to Victoria, B.C. Subsequently I had two long stays in hospital, 9 days in Victoria and 8 days in Ottawa following surgery. Needless to say, this was not how my summer had been planned.

Here we were at the Montreal River, near the community of Montreal River Harbour. The river empties into Lake Superior at the Twilight Resort. I thank Dan Miles of Twilight Resort for allowing us access to his property in the off-season in order to take these pictures. Unfortunately the wind dropped not long after I put the kite in the air. Only a few nice shots were captured during this time. I would have liked to get more altitude to get a better perspective of the river entering the lake and to get a shot with the whole resort in a single frame.

Here is the Facebook page of Twilight Resort:

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