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KAP 2015-9 - Karen's Place

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Karen's hobby farm. The main buildings and paddocks.

My sister, Karen, purchased a home/hobby farm in the country near Spencerville, Ontario this year. Karen owns one horse and currently boards 3 more.

After another long break from Kite Aerial Photography, again due to back issues, I went to my sister's place for Thanksgiving and decided it was time to get out the kite gear. Having had back surgery this summer it was with some caution that I approached this task. I had my niece, Stephanie, by my side so I could hand over if I needed to. She also helped with setting up the kite and holding the line while I mounted the camera rig. Things went well as far as my back was concerned with squatting to assemble the kite being the most difficult task. It was a gusty day and there were tall trees in the direction I was flying. A few nose-dives had me sweating while taking flight recovery measures. The camera was swinging to and fro but in spite of this I came away with a few good images of Karen's property. 

Karen's hobby farm from a distance.

Visit my website gallery Karen's Place - KAP 2015-9 to see more images from this session.

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  • Murray McComb on

    It is good to see the proof that you are once again healthy enough to do kite photography Rob. Nice work. Looks like a great property.

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