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Kite Aerial Photography of Alma, New Brunswick - KAP 2013-10

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The village of Alma, New Brunswick at the eastern end of Fundy National Park. It is located at the delta of the Upper Salmon River which runs into the Bay of Fundy.

Alma, New Brunswick is a small village at the mouth of the Upper Salmon River which empties into the Bay of Fundy in the Atlantic Ocean. Alma is found at the eastern entrance to the Fundy National Park. This session took place on April 13, 2010 as I passed through New Brunswick en route to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I discovered at the outset of this trip that the video component of my aerial transmitter was broken. Consequently I had to shoot this session blind, just estimating the angle and direction of the camera and taking additional shots to increase the likelihood of getting the compositions I aim for. This is how I KAPped for the first two years (2008 - 2009) but now I have grown accustomed to the luxury of video feedback. Video feedback gives you the ability to adjust your aim and thus increase the likelihood of success. With this in mind, I consider this one of those sessions where things went rather well and I was happy with the images. Of course it is early spring (with a late winter storm behind my back as I travel east towards Halifax, Nova Scotia). Consequently the grass is brown and drab looking. It might be nice to return when things are greener, but when you KAP while travelling you do the best with what you've got. Besides, from a documentary standpoint there's merit in seeing what a place looks like from the air in mid-April; like it or not. It would also be interesting to return at low tide as the tides in the Bay of Fundy are very significant and the views of the river and coastline from the air should be quite different. These photographs were taken using a remote-controlled camera suspended below a kite line (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP). 

An aerial view into the Bay of Fundy National Park from high over Alma, New Brunswick. The village is at the eastern end of Fundy National Park. It is located at the delta of the Upper Salmon River which runs into the Bay of Fundy.


Aerial photograph of the Upper Salmon River as it enters the Bay of Fundy between the village of Alma, New Brunswick on the right and Fundy National Park on the left.

Visit my website gallery Alma, New Brunswick - KAP2013-10 Gallery to see more images from this session. Images from this session are available for licensing through Latitude Image, a stock photography agency specializing in aerial stock images. Click the website gallery link above for more information.

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