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Photographers in the West End Studio Tour

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West End Studio Tour

The West End Studio Tour takes place on two weekends in September (Sept 18-19 and Sept 25-26), 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. This year is the first year in their fifteen year history that photographers have been included among the exhibiting artists. Myself and Paul Wing are the two photographers included in this year's tour. Although I've become recognized recently for my kite aerial photography, I will be exhibiting a cross-section of various types of photography ranging from landscapes to abstracts and from aerial vistas to macro close-ups much nearer to the ground. In addition, I selectively use post-processing techniques to give a painterly feel to a number of my images.

More information about the West End Studio Tour (W.E.S.T.) can be found at

Maps for the tour can be picked up at any of the artist locations.

Rob Huntley

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