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Rob's Photo Blog — berths

Park Walk Abstract - Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

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Autumn Country Sky Straight down aerial abstract of pathways and road at Nepean Sailing Club at Dick Bell Park in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This picture was taken from a camera rig suspended below a kite (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP).

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KAP 2008-30: Nepean Sailing Club, Dick Bell Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. May 24, 2008.

aerial photography berths club house Dick Bell Park docks KAP Kite Aerial Photography lighthouse marina Nepean Sailing Club Ontario Ottawa Ottawa Ontario peninsula point

Dick Bell Park is at the west end of the city of Ottawa near the community of Crystal Beach, just west of Andrew Hayden Park, and is home to the Nepean Sailing Club. The location used to be a larger bay (Crystal Bay) but the marina and park, as well as Andrew Hayden Park, was created with landfill. The artificial peninsula protects the marina and docks. There is a lighthouse at the end of the peninsula. A club house, parking area, and boat storage area has also been developed on the site. These pictures were taken from a camera rig...

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