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Rob's Photo Blog — cattails

A Winter Walk by the Ottawa River

Articles bullrushes bulrushes cat tails cattails frozen grasses Landscape Photography Ottawa River paths pathways reeds river rushes shore shoreline snow tracks trails trees winter

I'm fortunate to live a few minutes walk from the Ottawa River just west of Westboro Beach. I often head there with my camera when light or weather conditions present an interesting opportunity. I went to the river on New Year's Eve, prompted by huge globs of snowflakes falling from the sky in the hope of capturing some action blurring of falling snow. By the time I got out there the conditions had changed so that plan was off, but I was thankful to have been prompted to get outside because the conditions were still quite nice in other ways....

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December 10, 2009 - Pic A Day

blustery bull rushes bullrushes cattails cold dried freezing grasses Ottawa River Pic A Day project365 reeds shoreline snow winter

Cattails in their fall colours resisting the harsh winter winds. Ottawa River. Web site: Click on the image to go straight to the same image on my website.

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