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Rob's Photo Blog — city of Ottawa

Aerial photos of the Ottawa River on display at the offices of Ottawa Riverkeeper

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I have recently been invited to display 5 photographs in the entranceway to the offices of the Ottawa Riverkeeper - These are kite aerial phographs of the Ottawa River. This exhibit will be on display for a six month period, to the end of May. The offices are above Trailhead on the third floor. So the next time you drop by the Trailhead store, go through the office entrance at the left and up to the third floor to room 301. Nov 20, 2012 to approx. May 31, 2013 Ottawa Riverkeeper 301-1960 Scott Street Ottawa, ON K1Z 8L8 Here...

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Downtown Ottawa, Ottawa River Parkway - Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

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The approach to Ottawa from the Ottawa River Parkway which runs into Wellington Street. The Portage Bridge is out of the picture on the left hand side.  This picture was taken from a camera rig suspended below a kite (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP).

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Aerial view of power lines in winter

Chaudiere Falls city of Ottawa E.B. Eddy electricity Gatineau Hull hydro industry KAP Kite Aerial Photography Ottawa Ottawa River Parc des Portageurs powerlines pylon river shadows snow

These power lines cross the Ottawa River from Gatineau Quebec to the Chaudiere Falls in the middle of the Ottawa River. This image was taken using a camera suspended below a kite line - Kite Aerial Photography (KAP).

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December 9, 2009 - Pic A Day

blizzard bus bus stop city of Ottawa Golden Avenue OC Transpo Ottawa Ottawa Ontario Pic A Day project365 Richmond Road roads snow storm traffic Westboro winter

OC Transpo bus on Richmond Road at Golden Avenue in Ottawa. This is during our first winter snowstorm of the season. Web site: Click on the image to go straight to the same image on my website.

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KAP 2008-11: Chaudière Falls from Parc des Portageurs. February 27, 2008.

Chaudiere Falls city of Ottawa E.B. Eddy Gatineau Hull industry KAP Kite Aerial Photography Ottawa Ottawa River Parc des Portageurs river snow

The objective of this KAP outing (Kite Aerial Photography) was to photograph the Chaudière Falls from the Québec side of the Ottawa River. The Chaudière Falls are in the middle of the river, and distanced from public access by the river itself as well as private industry, primarily E.B. Eddy. Besides the out-of-the-ordinary overhead perspective that Kite Aerial Photography provides, it is also an excellent means to get closer to distant subjects. This was also an opportunity to get a unique perspective on the city core. The kite and rig were launched from Parc des Portageurs in Gatineau (what is...

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