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Rob's Photo Blog — collection

Close up of twig. A twig you say.

caudex caudiciform collection discolor Getty Images hobby Pachycormus Pachycormus discolor plant succulent

New in my Getty Images portfolio: Small tree like succulent caudiciform plant Click on image to go to the same image in my Getty Images portfolio.

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Colourful Coleus Collection

coleus collection colorful colourful group iStockphoto nursery plant Stock Photography

New in my portfolio: A variety of different Coleus plants arranged for sale in a nursery greenhouse. Go directly to this image at / Stock Photography information.

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November 29, 2009 - Pic A Day

caudex caudiciform collection discolor hobby Pachycormus Pachycormus discolor Pic A Day plant project365 succulent

A twig you say. Well I guess you could call it that but in fact it is a small treelike succulent caudiciform plant known as Pachycormus discolor. Mine is just a youngster with one "twig". Web site: Click on the image to go straight to the same image on my website.

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