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Rob's Photo Blog — freezing

KAP 2013-8 - Parliament Hill and Downtown Ottawa from Victoria Island - March 23, 2013

aerial aerial photograph aerial photographer aerial photography aerial view Canada Cliff Street Heating Plant cold freezing heating plant ice KAP kite aerial photograph Kite Aerial Photography kite photograph kite photography landscape Landscape Photography Latitude Image low-level Ontario Ottawa Ottawa River parliament Parliament Buildings Parliament Hill Peace Tower photo photograph photographer photography river snow stock Stock Photography Supreme Court Victoria Island water winter

Back to the land of snow and ice after a wonderful month of February in Australia. Recently I have made a couple of attempts to KAP the Wakefield bridge without any success so a couple of weeks have elapsed without succeeding with any kite aerial photography. Finally a nice day arrived to do some work with the Parliament buildings and the still frozen landscape. Here are some of the shots from this session.  These photographs were taken using a remote-controlled camera suspended below a kite line (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP). Visit my website gallery Parliament Hill and Downtown Ottawa...

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KAP 2011-3 - Where the Madawaska meets the Ottawa - January 29, 2011

Arnprior Arnprior municipal marina bridge cold construction dam facility freezing frozen ice ice floes island Kite Aerial Photography Landscape Photography Madawaska Madawaska River marina municipal Ontario Ottawa Ottawa River plant redevelopment river snow town water water treatment weir winter

This session took place at the Arnprior Municipal Marina where aerial views of the city of Arnprior and the Madawaska River were taken, including the weir/dam, the construction of the new water treatment facility, the marina which is also under redevelopment, and the mouth of the Madawaska River where it enters into the Ottawa River. Arnprior Weir. The curved dam across the Madawaska River alongside the bridge which is Madawaska Boulevard. You can see several bridges upstream and at the top left is the Arnprior Generating Station holding back the river which turns sharply to the right and across the...

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Frigid waters along the Ottawa River.

blustery cold freezing frigid iStockphoto Ottawa River shoreline snow Stock Photography trees winter

New in my portfolio: Ottawa River shoreline after the first snowfall of the season. Go directly to this image at /  Stock Photography information.

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No dogs in winter.

Canada canine cold dogs freezing frigid iStockphoto lake no dogs no dogs allowed Ontario Ottawa prohibition rules sign snow Stock Photography warning winter

New in my portfolio: No dogs in winter. Sign in the middle of nowhere. Go directly to this image at / Stock Photography information. 

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Ottawa River – first snowfall.

blustery boulder choppy cold first snowfall freezing ice iStockphoto lake Landscape Photography Ottawa River river rock shoreline snow snowfall Stock Photography trees water waves winter

New in my portfolio: Ottawa River shoreline after the first snowfall of the season. Go directly to this image at / Stock Photography information.

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