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Rob's Photo Blog — Lansdowne Park

New Spacing Ottawa Blog uses one of my photos

aerial aerial view article blog KAP Kite Aerial Photography Lansdowne Park night aerial Ontario Ottawa Ottawa SuperEx Spacing Ottawa SuperEx

An article on the new Spacing Ottawa Blog used a night aerial photo that I took last year. The photo is an aerial view of the Ottawa SuperEx at night. The image was taken from a camera suspended below a kite (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP).

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How to Make Tiny Town Miniatures!

abandoned Aberdeen Aberdeen Pavilion aerial photograph aerial photography arrows Articles Atlantic boardwalk boats Boondocks bridge bubble bunker camouflage camouflaged roof Canada Canadian War Museum car cars Cattle Castle Champlain Bridge Chemin Pine circle Conwy Conwy Wales cove covered covered bridge crane Dartmouth Dartmouth Nova Scotia Dartmouth NS demo demonstration derelict dining room dome E.B. Eddy fake farm house farmhouse Fisheries Fisheries Museum Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic Fishermans Cove Fishermans Wharf Frank Clair Frank Clair Stadium freight train Gatineau Park grass roof harbour ideas KAP Kite Aerial Photography kite photography landscape Lansdowne Lansdowne Park Lansdowne Park Ottawa Lebreton Flats lounge Lunenburg Lunenburg Nova Scotia Lunenburg NS miniature museum Nova Scotia NS old Ontario Ottawa Ottawa Ontario Ottawa River Ottawa River Parkway passenger train photoshop Quebec red red car river Rob Huntley roof roundabout ruins rustic ships shops slide show soccer soccer bubble soccer dome sports sports dome stadium The Cattle Castle tilt-shift tiny tow tiny town tips traffic traffic circle traffic roundabout train train lines tricks tutorial Vancouver Vancouver harbour Wakefield Wales war museum western wharf winter winter landscape winter scene World Wide KAP World Wide KAP Weekend yachts

This post demonstrates a process known as "Fake Tilt-Shift" carried out in PhotoShop or other image editing software. After a mere two weeks of playing with the creation of these miniatures, I don't imagine I've become an expert yet. However, I took the opportunity to share what I'd learned with my camera club, the Camera Club of Ottawa, and since I had done the work to prepare the slides I'm posting them here for anyone's benefit. What follows are a few examples of the results of applying the technique and then subsequent to that I've included a short demo of...

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KAP 2008-21: Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. May 2, 2008.

Aberdeen Pavilion aerial photography Cattle Castle Frank Clair Stadium KAP Kite Aerial Photography Lansdowne Lansdowne Park Ottawa Ottawa Ontario stadium

The images in this post and in the related gallery on my website were taken during World Wide KAP Weekend which occurred May 2-5, 2008. This event was organized by the international Kite Aerial Photography community. More information about this group can be found in the Kite Aerial Photography photo pool on Flickr as well as the KAP Discussion Forum. This was the first of 4 locations that I chose to photograph during this event (See also KAP 2008-22, KAP 2008-23, KAP 2008-24). A book which includes 4 images from each participant has been published and is available at

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