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Rob's Photo Blog — ottawa skyline

KAP 2011-16 - Lebreton Flats at Bayview Transitway Station - October 30, 2011

aerial aerial photography aerial view Albert Street autumn Bayview Bayview station bike path buses business Chaudiere Falls city centre cityscape colour fall Gatineau Hull KAP Kite Aerial Photography Landscape Photography Lemieux Island O-train Ottawa Ottawa River Ottawa River Parkway ottawa skyline Prince of Wales Bridge railroad bridge Scott Street skyline station transitway Wellington west

This session was planned to take advantage of the late afternoon light shining on the Ottawa Skyline. The view is always great when driving along the Ottawa River Parkway towards the city over the rise at the level of Lemieux Island and the Bayview Transitway Station. So I made the goal of this outing to make low-level aerial images of the nicely lit skyline with the Ottawa River Parkway providing lead-in lines. The wind was great for the FLED with fully remote rig. I took advantage of the location to also take shots of the Bayview Transitway Station, Lemieux Island...

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Downtown Ottawa, Ottawa River Parkway - Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

aerial photography bunker camouflage camouflaged roof Canadian War Museum city of Ottawa E.B. Eddy grass roof KAP Kite Aerial Photography kite photography Lebreton Flats museum Ontario Ottawa Ottawa Ontario Ottawa River Parkway ottawa skyline roof Stock Photography war museum

The approach to Ottawa from the Ottawa River Parkway which runs into Wellington Street. The Portage Bridge is out of the picture on the left hand side.  This picture was taken from a camera rig suspended below a kite (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP).

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