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Rob's Photo Blog — Photo Boyz

KAP 2011-18 - Pinhey's Point, Ottawa River - November 9, 2011

aerial photography aerial views birdseye Bruce Amos buildings heritage heritage property KAP Kite Aerial Photography landscape Landscape Photography old Ontario Ottawa Ottawa River peninsula Photo Boyz photograph photography Pinhey's Point point river Rob Huntley

Aerial photograph of Pinhey's Point Heritage Property and Public Park on the Ottawa River' This was my third kite aerial photography session at Pinhey's Point. The Pinhey's Point Foundation is a group which has indicated an interest in my photography with the prospect of doing a demonstration and photo display next summer. Thus, I have incentive to return from time to time. This time I went with the hope for some fall colour remaining and early enough in the day to have the front of the building (river-facing side) illuminated with morning light. Being late in the year with the...

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Are you paying any attention to me?

aerial photography Articles KAP KAP rig Kite Aerial Photography kite line Ottawa River Photo Boyz Pinhey's Point remote control

Are you paying any attention to me? My friend Bruce took this shot of me pondering why the remote controls were not responding on my KAP rig. No big problem - I had previously used the battery pack and receiver/transmitter on my paint pole to do some pole aerial photography and here I had forgotten to reconnect all the cables. This photograph was taken during my KAP 2011-18 kite aerial photography session at Pinhey's Point on the Ottawa River, November 9, 2011. Pictures from this session will be uploaded shortly in a separate gallery. Thanks to Bruce Amos for use...

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Photo Boyz at Mooney's Bay

aerial photography aerial view beach boat Bruce Amos John Ferguson KAP kayaker kayaking Kite Aerial Photography Mooney's Bay Murray McComb Ontario Ottawa Photo Boyz Rob Huntley sports photography

My previous Photo Boyz piece was about the 2nd outing by our threesome. I've decided to backtrack and cover outing number one for the sake of completeness and hopefully we will sporadically move forward from here with further sessions. Photo Boyz includes Bruce Amos, Murray McComb and myself. Our first time out was on September 17, 2009 and it preceded one of our monthly beverage nights. Murray proposed that we join him two hours beforehand at Mooney's Bay Beach in Ottawa where he was going to experiment with sunset action shots of kayaker John Ferguson. Bruce and I tagged along...

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Photo Boyz at the Arboretum

Agriculture Canada arboretum blossom Bruce Amos Central Experimental Farm crooked Experimental Farm magnolia Murray McComb Ottawa Photo Boyz pink Rob Huntley silhouette trees

Bruce Amos, Rob Huntley, Murray McComb. © Bruce Amos Bruce Amos, Murray McComb and myself have been having an evening out once a month for the past 18-24 months (I've lost track of time). We meet  over a couple of cold ones and a plate of wings, checking out various establishments in the city and discussing whatever photographic and other subjects come to mind. Our April 22nd, 2010 meeting coincided with an Ottawa Senators playoff game and even if we'd tried to find a place in a pub, the atmosphere would not have been conducive to talking photography. So instead...

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