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Rob's Photo Blog — Pinhey

Seven of my Pinhey's Point photographs

Dunrobin exclusive exclusive licensing heritage Landscape Photography licensing microstock Ontario Ottawa River Park photography Pinhey Pinhey's Point property reflection rocks spring stock Stock Photography trees water

Over a 2 year period I was preparing a series of aerial images of Pinhey's Point (near Ottawa) for an exhibit in the Pinhey's Point museum last summer. One morning last spring I arrived and the wind was flat and the sky was overcast. I waited but a predicted change in weather didn't happen. So much for believing the weather forecast. It was so still that the reflections in the Ottawa River were amazing. Fortunately I usually travel with both aerial gear and tripod gear so I switched mental gears.     © Rob Huntley Photography / Like My Facebook...

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KAP 2011-11 - Pinhey's Point - September 27, 2011

aerial photograph aerial photography Dunrobin heritage heritage property homestead KAP kite aerial photograph Kite Aerial Photography Landscape Photography Ontario Ottawa Ottawa River Park Pinhey Pinhey's House Pinhey's Point river

This session took place at Pinhey's Point which is a heritage property and public park on the Ottawa River, upstream from Ottawa and the community of Kanata, not far from the village of Dunrobin. These low-level aerial images were taken from a camera suspended below a kite line (Kite Aerial Photography - KAP). Aerial Photograph of the Heritage Property and Park at Pinhey's Point Pinhey's Point Heritage Property - Low level aerial view using kite aerial photography (KAP) Aerial photograph of Pinhey's Point on the Ottawa River KAPnRob and friend Ted. Aerial photograph of Pinhey's Point Heritage Property and Public...

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