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Rob's Photo Blog — Reilly's Country Gardens

KAP 2008-26: Reilly's Country Gardens, Kinburn, Ontario, Canada - May 15, 2008.

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Friends Phil and Carole Reilly own this jam-packed one acre nursery which is located on Diamondview Road between Carp and Kinburn, Ontario. They combine a sales area comprised largely of perennial plants and shrubs with lovely gardens containing many large versions of the plants you can buy in a pot. They provide specialty stock (and service) in ornamental grasses, hostas, peonies and pond plants. The website of Reilly's Country Gardens can be found at These photographs were taken using kite aerial photography (KAP). Aerial view of Reilly's Country Gardens. Diamondview Road looking north near Kinburn, Ontario and Reilly's Country...

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