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Rob's Photo Blog — shadows

KAP 2008-17: Mooney's Bay, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. April 6, 2008.

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Mooney's Bay Beach and Park on the Rideau River during the spring thaw. The terrain is quite flat here and with having had very deep snow this year the area was essentially almost a metre deep in slush. It was quite the wet experience, especially when crossing the open area near the small bridges. The bridges were amongst trees, so to avoid kite line tangles I had to cross the buried streams themselves, sinking down through the slush to water level. The things we do for a photograph. These photographs were taken with Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). Mooney's Bay beach...

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Shadowed Corners - Challenge Assignment, Camera Club of Ottawa

Articles assignment Camera Club Camera Club of Ottawa challenge challenge assignment Gatineau Park Huatulco Meech Lake Mexico Monte Alban Oaxaca Ontario Ottawa Quebec Santo Domingo shadowed corners shadows

The Camera Club of Ottawa has an annual challenge assignment whereby each participant is assigned a distinct topic by the co-ordinator. We have 4 weeks to shoot a series of images which is then presented at a club meeting. This is a non-competitive, just-for-fun, exercise. The assignment was in late January, early February, a difficult time for many to become motivated, and with everything covered in snow, a challenge to find assignment material. Fortunately for me, the period overlapped with a holiday in Mexico, so the majority of pictures were taken there. My topic was "Shadowed Corners" and the following...

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