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Rob's Photo Blog — succulent

Cactus With Orange Flower

art art prints barbs bloom blossom bunch cactus cactus flower canvas prints card chamaecereus clump cluster crowd desert fine art Fine Art America flora floral flower for sale green greeting card Greeting Cards group note card Note Cards offshoots orange orange flower photo cards photograph photography plant posters pups shop silvestrii special spine spines store storefront succulent thorn thorns white

I have recently added this image to my storefront at Fine Art America.  It is for sale as an art print, canvas print, poster or greeting card. Sales are direct through Fine Art America who handle all arrangements, manufacture and shipping. Click on the image to go to the same image at Fine Art America. © Rob Huntley Photography / Rob's Photo Cards / STOCK Photography / Like My Facebook

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Hens and chicks

chickens chicks cluster crowded green grouping hens hens and chicks iStockphoto plant rockery rockery plant sedum Stock Photography succulent

New in my portfolio: Hens and chicks. Sedum succulent garden plant. Go directly to this image at / Stock Photography information.

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Close up of twig. A twig you say.

caudex caudiciform collection discolor Getty Images hobby Pachycormus Pachycormus discolor plant succulent

New in my Getty Images portfolio: Small tree like succulent caudiciform plant Click on image to go to the same image in my Getty Images portfolio.

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November 29, 2009 - Pic A Day

caudex caudiciform collection discolor hobby Pachycormus Pachycormus discolor Pic A Day plant project365 succulent

A twig you say. Well I guess you could call it that but in fact it is a small treelike succulent caudiciform plant known as Pachycormus discolor. Mine is just a youngster with one "twig". Web site: Click on the image to go straight to the same image on my website.

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